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Currently Unpublished Letters to Editors

Sent to The Australian Newspaper 13/11/2018

Typical of the low quality science generated by the IPCC and others, is their ignorance of, or inability to explain how the Earth’s climate for at least the last billion years has been held consistently at a temperature 2-3 degrees warmer than presently experienced. See graphical data for the last billion years at www.dr-robert-fagan.com . Depicted are only six very brief (ice age related-episodes) where Earth temperatures have ever been at the purported optimum target, arbitrarily identified  by the IPCC, yet they believe this to be the norm.

Warming is occurring, it is natural, a re-adjustment taking us back to normal but warmer conditions. It is not an existential threat and is definitely not controlled by a few 100 ppm of CO2, but the all-powerful dynamic thermal equilibrium on display in the graphed data, controlled for billions of years by the Sun’s remarkably stable thermonuclear energy output. We could not be in safer hands.

Dr Robert Fagan

A Letter to the Editor that I would like to see published.


The fact that global warming is occurring, but is due to a natural re-equilibration to longer-term warmer conditions following a recent cooling event, all driven by the sun, means that global warming is not due to atmospheric CO2 or any other man-made influence.  Why  pro-warming scientists  and the IPCC have completely ignored this absolutely crucial  evidence  and its implication defies comprehension.


Because of the present toxic attitude to CO2  it would be difficult for the general and even most in the scientific community  to believe any of the following claims.

CO2  is a hugely beneficial atmospheric gas that needs a complete rethink and further study. It offers considerable potential for a great many  unrecognized benefits for mankind in the future, particularly as a unique and extremely efficient fertilizer and essential plant food and  nutrient. At he present time plants and vegetation are are starved of adequate CO2 for optimum growth and development. In the last billion years atmospheric CO2 levels have dropped from some 3000 pm to around 300 ppm (now increased to  400 ppm). This is a massive reduction of 90%, most of which has gone permanently into marine limestones as we approach the limit of CO2 viability for vegetation. Further CO2 mitigation  would put additional stress on vegetation and agriculture. 

CO2  is delivered automatically directly from the atmosphere  to plants world wide, 24 hours per day, absolutely free.  If we doubled atmospheric CO2 to 800 ppm, we could effectively double agricultural production on land and in the oceans, world wide virtually over night. Man-made atmospheric CO2 contributions over the last 30 years or so have noticeably and significantly contributed to the greening of the planet. 

CO2 is very stable, recyclable and as a fertilizer and an atmospheric gas, effectively delivers itself to where it is needed. 

CO2 is a colourless, odourless , tasteless, and non-toxic at levels up to a few thousand ppm.  Its benign character is reinforced by its abundant use and presence in all carbonated drinks and foods and the 38,000 ppm consistently in our lungs.

CO2  is a minor atmospheric gas  sourced most readily  from the burning of coal. Its abundance  is largely depleting in the environment, although there is virtually an inexhaustible supply of it retired in fossil fuels available for reuse and recirculation. 

CO2 as a commercial product can be delivered in gaseous, liquid or in solid form. 

As CO2 is not a contributor to global warming, and is not a noxious exhaust gas but is environmentally beneficial, we can cheaply burn organic fuels such as coal largely with impunity for energy and electrical generation purposes.  We no longer have to remove CO2 as a noxious exhaust gas, as it is in fact beneficial and not a problem waste product. We in effect already have "clean coal"

CO2 is a major and essential component of  coral reefs  (44 weight percent).  In fact if we doubled atmospheric CO2 levels  to 800 ppm we could double the  amount of coral reefs in existence.

The blackening of the name and reputation of CO2, and the almost universal ignorance  science has of its  important role and function as a beneficial atmospheric gas, almost beggars belief. The vast amount of energy and resources devoted to completely misunderstanding the role of CO2  and the willful ignorance displayed  by those responsible is appalling.  It may be difficult to undo this damage.

Dr Robert Fagan